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Ofsted Inspection - March 2015

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Children, parents, staff and governors celebrated after Burbage Primary School secured a ‘Good’ judgement at its Ofsted inspection in March 2015. The school, which is part of the Excalibur Academies Trust, was found to be securely good in all aspects of teaching, learning, behaviour, safety, leadership and management. See OFSTED Website or click on the document to the left, to read the report in full.

The ‘good’ judgement is particularly significant, as at the last inspection, the school was found to have ‘serious weaknesses’ by Ofsted. This means that Burbage has improved rapidly enough to rise two grades between Ofsted inspections, an accolade that was only achieved by 2% of schools in inspections from September to December 2014.

There have been significant changes to Burbage Primary School since its previous inspection, most notably its conversion to an academy. In April 2013, Burbage joined Easton Royal Academy and St John’s Marlborough in becoming a member of Excalibur Academies Trust.

Chair of Governors, Emma Butler, said that the support and rigour of Excalibur has been a key factor in the school's recent success: “The school has benefitted hugely from being part of Excalibur. We have access to wonderful resources, fantastic advisers and now our staff can share best practice and work together to create an exciting and inspiring curriculum. The expectation from the outset was that Burbage would swiftly improve and it’s wonderful to have Ofsted confirm that Burbage is a ‘good’ school.”

The official Ofsted report, states that children who attend Burbage Primary School “behave well in lessons and around the school” and “develop into confident young people who are well prepared for the next stage of education.”

The school was also praised for its academic achievements, with test results being above average across the Key Stages. Mrs Nicola Coupe, Principal of Burbage Primary School, said: “We are all hugely proud of what has been achieved. We have a wonderful community with amazing children, parents and staff who have supported us over the last few years and continue to help us provide children with a high standard of education.”

Dr Patrick Hazlewood, CEO of Excalibur Academies Trust, added: “This fantastic result for Burbage Primary School is evidence that Excalibur schools benefit from working closely together and sharing resources. The children attending our schools have access to staff and facilities that may not be available as an individual school, as well as an all-through curriculum designed to take them from starting primary school through to sixth form. I am delighted that in a such short time Burbage is well on the way to becoming outstanding.”

Mrs Butler concluded: “The school is a very happy and exciting place, with polite children who come to school eager to learn and enthusiastic staff teaching an inspiring curriculum. Parents may have previously dismissed Burbage Primary School due to its old Ofsted report, but I urge them all to come and visit the school to see for themselves what a vibrant place it has become.”

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