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Burbage Pre-School and Burbage Primary School are in consultation to join together under one umbrella in Excalibur Academies Trust


The Pre-School and Primary School are looking in to joining together under one umbrella 'Excalibur Academies Trust'. As part of this joint project, we have plenty of things to explore such as:

  • The legalities surrounding the ownership/lease of land and current building.
  • How Pre-School provision can be made even stronger by joining up with the Primary School.
  • How the Primary School resources can be used for pre-school teaching.
  • How to make sure that the transition to 'Big School' is still a really important part of a 4 year old's life journey.
  • What adjustments would be made in the Primary School to provide a fantastic Foundation Unit that families want to use for their children.
  • Whether the opening of a Foundation Unit affects the Admissions Policy for EAT.

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