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We've been going Quackers!

What an amazing experience the year three and four children at Burbage Primary school have been having over the past couple of weeks. Chaffinch and Woodpecker class have been involved in the hatching and caring for a batch of ducklings!

Eight white eggs arrived at school last Monday and now we have seven healthy and rather noisy ducklings. (Unfortunately duck number eight didn’t make it!)

The process has really benefited the children’s learning; helping them build up a clear understanding of life cycles and that the key to surviving in the wild is by being strong and healthy.

It has been an ‘EGG-citing’, amazing but also a sad experience; one that has prompted lots of discussion and enthusiasm throughout. The whole school has kept an eye on the ducklings' progress and the parents have also been kept up to date using the ‘Seesaw’ app.

It would be lovely to keep all of the ducks, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. Some will be returning home to their flock in Cornwall, to live out the rest of their lives. The others have gone home with parents to live locally. We will be getting some more ducklings which will belong to Mr and Mrs McGarry, so that we can see them develop their adult feathers and carry on weighing and measuring their growth.  

By Chaffinch class.

Whimsy Wood Artist - Sarah Hill visited Robins and Wrens for a Magical Morning!

Wimsy wood - April 2016

The children were spell-bound as Sarah read them some of her stories. Their eyes were opened so much that they were able to see some beautiful Fairy Houses that had appeared in the playground. Over the weekend the classrooms were visited too and the children are looking forward to finding out more about our miniature visitors as they dive in to our themed 'Big Question' which is “What can you see at the end of the garden?”

Book Week 2016

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