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We are all Extraordinary Learners - It's all about individual challenge zones!


Abilities, Gifts and Talents

We believe that all children have abilities and talents and it is our aim to nurture these and give opportunities for children to discover what they are good at and build upon it. We recognise that many of our pupils are 'High Achievers'. They may be Able in different areas of the curriculum, or have skills in particular areas that might identify them as Gifted or Talented. This is confirmed by the numbers of children that achieve well in end of Year Six formal assessments and the feedback we get from St John's, Pewsey Vale and the selective schools children go on to in Year Seven.

All class work is differentiated, in all subjects, to enable children of all abilities to flourish. The emphasis is on encouraging children to be decision makers and to develop the skills that they need in order to become motivated, independent learners. Our commitment to support higher achieving pupils begins in the Infants. Our observations of even the youngest children, helps us to identify and nurture their many talents and interests! Our assessment weeks reveal how children develop in Maths, Reading and Writing and our regular review of children's work in the broader curriculum, means we can track their progress.

With the opportunity to sometimes teach in mixed age groups, teaching can be more easily geared towards the 'stage' of learning rather than their 'age'. Challenge zones in each classroom give children resources to choose from to extend themselves. They are most proud of their work that they have had to strive to complete! It is not unusual for children of different year groups to work together and this gives many natural opportunities for Gifted and Talented children to be extended within the curriculum. 

Our Aims

  • To support the abilities, personal qualities and talents of all children.
  • To ensure that all children receive an education appropriate to their abilities.
  • To provide teaching that makes learning challenging and enjoyable.
  • To provide opportunities to develop higher order thinking and questioning skills.
  • To employ a wide variety of methods to support recognition of children's unique styles of learning.
  • To recognise under-achievement and work with the child and their family to develop strategies to reach their potential.
  • To stimulate children through extra-curricular activities and through curriculum enrichment.
  • To have the expectation that our curriculum is for all children and that able students will be extended through specific differentiation.


Beyond the challenge that teachers plan within our lessons, the school provides additional activities to enrich the opportunities for children with particular abilities. This includes working with other schools, including St John's. For example recent enrichment activities include:

  • Burbage Buzz - school newspaper Club;
  • Links with Secondary Schools for Able, Gifted and Talented Maths activity days;
  • Specialist teaching of French and Music;
  • Cluster Sporting Events - such as Rugby, High Fives, Orienteering and Football tournaments;
  • School Council activities and visits across MAEP;
  • Peripatetic Music Teaching - we are proud of the large number of musicians we have at Burbage!
  • Performing Arts activities such as Art and Dance clubs as well as opportunities to perform in large venues as part of cluster or Excalibur and MAEP events.
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