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Burbage Primary School - Excalibur Curriculum


September 2019 - We are currently working on a new curriculum for Burbage - we will keep you updated.

As an academy, we are not bound by the limitations of the National Curriculum but can teach beyond it to suit the children in our school. 

We have designed a unique learning experience for our children through a new curriculum that ensures the individual needs of each child are met and their interests developed so that they become lifelong learners. We teach through topics that are centred on a Big Question. For example ‘Do you have to be a Hero to make a Difference?’ or 'What's Beyond the Great Wall?' We agree the Objectives we wish to secure in our teaching, but involve the children in choosing the elements of a topic they want to learn about and how they want to demonstrate their newfound knowledge and skills. 

Our Curriculum is underpinned by three driving aims. These Curriculum Drivers are:

  • Creativity
  • Active Learning
  • 21st Century Citizenship

We encourage the children to develop their skills of creativity. We believe children learn best when they enjoy what they do. We will often teach English or Maths skills through another subject and our approach is a creative one. We may break the timetable up into theme weeks (such as Brain Week, Book Week or Design Week) or spend a whole day exploring a particular subject. For example we may spend a day giving children the opportunity to learn how to use a particular media in Art, or they may be immersed in a particular aspect of Religion in RE.

Every child at Burbage Primary School is an Active Learner. Every classroom has a learning tree where leaves grow as the children's learning skills develop. Begun through a Learning Conference where Learning Ambassadors discussed the qualities required to be a life-long learner, this approach has become embedded in the school. An Active Learning Strategy resource is used by staff and added to as new ways to engage children in problem solving, decision making and questioning are developed. Our 'Celebration Assemblies' on Fridays often see children being awarded certificates for being a good learner as well as for acheiving excellent results.

Global Citizenship is embedded within our teaching. We believe children should be active Local, National and Inernational citizens who recognise and value difference and diversity. The curriculum gives children the opportunity to find out about the way the world works environmentally, politically, economicaly. socially and technologically. We teach French from Reception and are alert to appropriate local, national and international events and anniversaries that support our curriculum. 

We follow the Local Wiltshire Syllabus for Religious Education - however we extend the children's experience to include Buddhism and Sikhism as well as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. 

Excalibur Curriculum(1)

Burbage Primary School

Teachers plan the curriculum in subjects grouped together as shown below. This builds upon the way that children learn in the Early Years and Foundation Stage when they first start school. Children's abilities in each subject area are built up carefully by the teaching of skills over time. 

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