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Burbage Primary School

We have recently re-written our curriculum for each year group with a focus on knowledge. Following from research into transferring learning into the long-term memory, we teach our foundation subjects in 'blocks' of subjects so children can become totally immersed in what they are learning. We have a clever system for keeping this learning alive and in the long-term memory so our children can draw upon in it as they move onto the next stages of their education. 

The mornings at Burbage consist of daily Maths and English lesssons with dedicated time to phonics (in the infants), spelling (in the juniors) as well as daily reading for every age group.

In the afternoons we teach Science as well as  the foundation subjects; Geography, History, Art, DT, RE, Spanish, PSHE, Computing and Music.  Click on the links below for an overview of each subject which shows you what we teach in each year group. We aim to build on the knowledge the children acquire in each year group.



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