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What our funding meant for the children in 2017 to 2018

Spring 2018 046


100% of all children were taught Dance by a Qualified dance coach.  All staff  gained in-service training and feel more confident at delivering this aspect of PE.  The Dance coach was also employed to run an after school Dance club for children in KS2; this was well attended by a third of the Juniors.  In the Spring term the Dance troupe took part in a Cluster Dance Festival at St. John's and in the Summer term took part in a Wiltshire Dance Festival at the Wyvern Theatre.  

Sport Participation

Through our membership of the Avon Valley Sports Partnership, the school has continued to take part in numerous competitive events.  During the year we entered Orienteering,Tennis, Football, Netball, Cricket, Quad Kids,Dance Festivals, Athletic Events and a Tri-Golf Festival.

75% of children in KS2 have represented the school at a sporting event. 100% of children in three classes represented the school.

We have continued to raise the profile of representing the school at sport by our "colours" award system.  Each time a pupil represents the school they are awarded a coloured team badge that they are encouraged to wear on their uniform.

To keep the school community up to date with sporting events and achievements, we have a School Sport Notice Board in a prominent position.

Classes are encouraged to run a mile around the school site as many times as they can during the week.

All children in Year 4 received a full term of swimming at a local pool.  We plan to continue this next year and include any children in Years 5 and 6 who have not met the minimum standard of 25metres.

Sports Clubs 

Through training opportunities and the ability to employ outside agencies, the school was able to offer a greater range of sporting related after school clubs.  These included:  Football, Cricket, Tennis, Judo, Netball,  Rounders and Multi-Skills.


The funding has also enabled the school to continue to update current resources. This year we have purchased archery equipment, outside activity equipment for Reception, active equipment for lunchtimes and new netball and footballs.

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