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Teaching Staff


Mrs Thompson - Reception Class Teacher - Wrens

Mrs Thompson teaches the Wren Class. She enjoys working practically with the children. When they come into class in the morning they immediately find something interesting to work on. The children can often be seen learning through practical activities including singing, painting and investigating the outdoors.  Mrs Thompson is also a Teacher Governor and is studying for the SENCo qualification with Bath Spa University.

Helen Taylor(2)

Mrs Taylor - Year 1 Teacher - Robins

Mrs Taylor teaches the Robin Class. She has been a Teacher Governor and member of the Senior Leadership Team and  has responsibility for Maths in KS1. Mrs Taylor also oversees the attainment and progress of groups of children in our school, such as those eligible for the Pupil Premium.

Sarah McIntoshOctober 2016 154

Mrs McIntosh - Year 2 Teacher - Sparrows

Mrs McIntosh teaches the Sparrows and Chaffinch class.  She oversees the Display and Creative Arts within the school and plays a lead part in organising our 'theme days'. 




Mrs Violette and Mrs Cooke - Year 3 Teachers- Chaffinches

Mrs Violette and Mrs Cooke teach the Chaffinch class

Ginny FarrellBurbage Primary Logo - Circle

Mrs Farrell - Year 4 Teacher- Woodpeckers

Mrs Farrell teaches the Woodpecker Class. She also works closely with Mrs Violette who leads English across the school. 





Mrs Nicholson is the Woodpecker class share partner. She takes the class on Fridays and teaches Art and French.

Mrs Sinclair

Mrs Sinclair - Year 5 - Kestrels

Mrs Sinclair joined us this year to teach Kestrel Class. She has an especial love of Maths and French as well as music and is looking forward to bringing her skills to Burbage.

Sue McGarry

Mrs McGarry - Deputy Principal and Year 6 Teacher - Kites

Mrs McGarry teaches the Kite Class.  She plans and delivers exciting learning experiences that her class access whatever their learning style.  As well as deputising for Mrs Coupe in her absence, Mrs McGarry leads Science, PE and The Creative Curriculum across the school.  She also leads the Growing Schools Programme and can often be found outside, with her class, developing yet another area of the school site for a garden, wildflower patch or animal home.

Mrs McGarry's hobbies include gardening vegetables and fruits, baking, watching Rugby with her husband and walking their labrador Granger.  Mrs McGarry also keeps Chickens and Ducks and was instrumental in the 'egg-citing projects' that Chaffinches and Woodpeckers enjoyed to hatch the school's chickens in 2014 and the ducklings in the summer of 2016.


Mrs Coupe - Principal

Mrs Coupe teaches across the school when staff are having time for planning. She especially enjoys teaching Maths, Science and Religious Education and as practical investigations are her favourite type of lessons, there is usually a fair bit of tidying up to do before the end of the day!

As well as being the school Principal, Mrs Coupe is 'Executive Principal' within Excalibur which involves her working with other school leaders within the Academy Trust.

Her hobbies include vegetable gardening, reading and walking her family's dog, Alfie. Her favourite colour, as everyone knows, is PURPLE! She has challenged herself at the Osmington residentials as she is afraid of heights. Something she'd still like to do in her life is to go to Iceland because she loves Geology and wants to see a volcano.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Thompson is training as Burbage School's SENCo. In the meantime, Mrs Wendy Chadwick oversees the work that Mrs Coupe and the school does to make sure that pupils with special educational needs get the right support and help they need at school. 

Mrs Cardy oversees the provision of SENd for all of the schools in the Excalibur Academies Trust and is Director of Additional and Special Educational Needs at St John's.  

Classroom-based Support Staff


Mrs Angel - Higher Level Teaching Assistant and MDSA

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Mrs West - Clerical Assistant and Breakfast Club Organiser

Mrs West works in the office on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.  She loves the creative arts and can turn her hand to any artistic style, often helping Mrs McIntosh with displays around the school.  She also runs the Owls' Nest breakfast club every morning, is an experienced Teaching Assistant and works as a midday supervisor occasionally.


Mrs Kington - Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor

Mrs Kington works mainly in the Wren class supporting Mrs Thompson with our youngest pupils.  She also teaches phonics across KS1 and delivers intervention sessions. She works over lunchtime every day in the dining room where she helps to ensure everyone enjoys their meal.

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Mrs Hawkins - Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor


Midday Supervisors - Our lunchtime Team

Lunchtimes are busy at Burbage so it is 'all hands on deck' when it comes to serving our meals. We have 6 staff who are Midday supervisors over the course of the week. Mrs Hawkins serves the meals to the children and runs the kitchen side, whilst Mrs Kington is in the dining room with the children. Meanwhile Mrs Thresher is outside on the playground with either Mrs Angel. Mrs Thomson and Mrs Freeman. 

Administrative Support Staff


Mrs Lockwood - Administrative Officer

There is never a quiet moment in our busy school office! Mrs Lockwood is Administrative Officer and works closely with Mrs Renshaw our Finance Officer to make sure we run efficiently.

She runs the Music Lesson arrangements as well as all the communications about trips and events. If you have a question that our Parent Handbook can't answer, pop into the office and Mrs Lockwood will help!

Our office is staffed Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 3.30pm. 


If you have any questions about the school please ring: 01672 810 452